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I am a twenty-something food lover who has finally got around to writing a food blog. I am interested in every type of food and am one of those fortunate people who dislike nothing; though perhaps unfortunate for my waistline!
I am writing this blog with a hope of it improving my food-writing and perhaps learning something about myself along the way.
I have no unique selling point of my blog. It not a specialty diet blog, nor a restaurant review blog, nor an incredibly exciting travel/food blog. It is more of a kitchen diary really. Perhaps more for personal reference than for the online community, though by no means exclusively and I would love any feedback on recipes/writing.

A bit about my background... I am a complete amateur foodie at the moment and completely self-taught. I live with my partner and son in the delightfully secluded (though sometimes a bit too much so) Hackney Wick, East London, where I am constantly cooking, making dough, baking dough or preparing salads etc. Over the last few years food has definitely become a massive part of my life. And now I think the time has come to follow every other food lover and put out my knowledge, recipes and opinions up for public scrutiny!
Oh one last thing - I am in now way whatsoever a photographer! Any one out there who is please excuse the aesthetics of my blog. All photos are just taken with my phone under no pretension of being decent food photographs.
So enjoy reading and give me a shout if you have any feedback (positive or negative).

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