Monday, 14 October 2013

Cabrito goat meat

I didn't really get a good look when ordering some kid goat cutlets in the Ginger pig. I saw a handful of the last remaining cutlets get wrapped up in paper and handed to me to investigate more thoroughly when I got home. Expecting a sweetness that usually wafts out from the opening of a Ginger pig wrapping of rare breed beef or pork, I was hit with pungent disappointment. The first thing to note about kid goat meat is that it is rather gamey in smell when raw and doesn't quite get one salivating like the smell and sight of a slab of aged rump. Nevertheless, I tried to get into a more carnivorous mindset and prepared to get stuck into them; besides, whilst a gamey smell isn't always the most pleasant, a gamey taste is.

Since I had never tried cabrito before I wanted to see how it tasted naked. After preheating a hot grill, I rubbed them lightly with oil and seasoning and placed them under the grill for about four to five minutes each side. They spat quite a bit of fat around and were kind enough to share their strong smell with the rest of the room. I allowed them to rest for a couple of minutes whilst I finished preparing the salad to go with them (a grilled peach and lentil salad), then placed them onto plates.
The taste was interesting. It was quite strong and a bit sweet like lamb, but richer. Unfortunately the taste was ruined by an overbearing raw gamey and fatty smell. I like to have any meat that allows it very rare in the middle to get the full taste of the meat; however the cutlets were far too undercooked. By the end we felt disappointed and were put off red meat for a little while.
I am not giving up on kid goat meat though. I just found that it would probably be much better suited to slow cooking in something (similar to how I feel about lamb to be honest), allowing the fat to melt in to create a rich sauce - perhaps a kid goat leg or shoulder. Maybe I am being unfair and blaming the product instead of insufficient cooking. Or maybe I am being unfair because for the last couple of months I have been increasingly becoming addicted to exercise and being super healthy, thus finding a fatty cut of meat a bit gross. One thing I did notice is that the sweetish juice from the grilled peach salad went rather nicely with the meat - perhaps a cabrito tagine or some other sweet method of cooking may bring out the best in cabrito.

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